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WhatsApp has banned 65 lakh accounts, your number is not in this list

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp said on Sunday that it has banned more than 6.5 million (or 65 lakh) accounts in India in May. This action has been taken as per the new IT Rules 2021. According to the report, out of the total banned accounts, 24 lakh 20 thousand accounts were banned before receiving any report.

How many WhatsApp accounts have been banned based on complaints?

As of April, WhatsApp had more than 50 million users in India, according to reports. However, this number decreased as more than 7.4 million accounts were banned in May. In May, the platform received 3,912 reports, of which 297 cases were disposed of and appropriate action taken.

Due to which WhatsApp account is banned

Keeping in mind the security of users, WhatsApp has banned these accounts under the new IT rules. According to the IT Rules 2021, social media platforms with more than 50 lakh users every month will have to submit user protection reports to the IT Ministry.

According to WhatsApp, in this report on user security, information about the volume of complaints and the actions taken by them has been provided to the government.



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