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WhatsApp: Getting fake messages from Ajana WhatsApp numbers? You can block without opening the chat

The business of scamming people through social media platforms is booming day by day. Sometimes the lure is given to win the lottery, and sometimes the fraudsters take the victim to get a job in the big mines. Block and report option is the only way to avoid scammers. Instant messaging app WhatsApp also has these two functional options. Although until now users had to go to the app to open the message to block an unknown number. But the Halfil Meta proprietary platform has come up with a feature that allows blocking of suspicious/spam message senders directly from the device’s lockscreen without entering the chat window.

In this case, let us inform you that under the new ‘block from lockscreen’ (block from lockscreen) feature, if a WhatsApp message enters the mobile, its preview will be shown on the lockscreen. If the user feels that it is a spam message then they can take necessary action by selecting either ‘Block’ or ‘Block and Report’ option.

WhatsApp Spam Messages can be blocked From Lockscreen

WhatsApp recently shared a promotional video for their new ‘Block from Lockscreen’ feature on their platform. As seen in this video, when a new message enters WhatsApp, a preview of it is first shown on the lock screen of the mobile. After which users see it and decide whether the message is legitimate or spam. Later, if the content of the received message looks suspicious, it can be ‘Blocked’ or ‘Block and Report’ directly from the lockscreen notification bar under the said feature. That means users no longer need to open the app to view messages. In case of fraudulent messages, it will be possible to take action against the sending spammers or scammers directly from the lockscreen.

In this case, many people may be conflicted about the difference between ‘Block’ and ‘Block and Report’ option. Note that if WhatsApp users simply ‘block’ the sender, the sender will no longer be able to call or send messages to the recipient. On the other hand, if you choose the ‘Block and Report’ option, the Meta app will take the last five messages from the sender from the suspicious number for review.

The ‘Block from Lockscreen’ feature is being rolled out to users on both Android and iOS platforms in phases. In this case, it will take some time for this feature to reach devices in every region.

How to block whatsapp spam messages from phone lockscreen?

1. Check the WhatsApp notification review from the device’s lockscreen to see if the received message is spam.
2. Now long press or swipe on the notification bar to see the contextual menu
3. Here you can see ‘Block’ option. Tap on it.
4. Finally decide whether to ‘block’ the sender or ‘block and report’.

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