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WhatsApp brings the most advanced features of reply and photo editing, new buttons are available

There is great news for WhatsApp users. The company is going to change the way of replying and editing the photos. As reported by WebTinefour, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called Reply and Edit Photos. This feature will work through Meta AI. A few days ago there was news that WhatsApp is preparing to bring image generating feature using Meta AI. With the help of this feature users can create AI generated images.

New chat button will be available

Webinfo has shared a screenshot of this upcoming feature. According to the report, new chat buttons will be available for replying and editing photos from Meta AI. This chat button allows users to share images with Meta AI. Using this feature, users can also ask questions about Meta AI images.

Image editing option in chat

Meta AI will also give users the option to change images. After this feature is launched, users will be able to edit their photos in chat with only a prompt. Keeping in mind the privacy of the users, WhatsApp is also going to give the option to delete this picture at any time.

Currently WhatsApp Reply and Edit Photos feature is seen in Android beta version. This means the feature is still under development. The company will soon finish beta testing. It is expected that after the beta testing is over, WhatsApp will roll out the stable version of this feature to users worldwide.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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