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What to do to prevent car theft? Thieves will not even come near the car if they know this trick

The rate of car theft has increased along with the increase in car sales. From different parts of the country, such complaints are accumulating in the police register. So at this time it is necessary to pay extra attention to the safety of your vehicle. Generally all cars have a locking system but there are several things we need to keep in mind to park the car safely. What are the most important ways to prevent car theft?

A few simple ways to protect your car from theft are-

properly locked

Always lock your vehicle properly whenever you park it somewhere. This applies even if kept for a short time. Check that the car doors, windows and sunroof are all closed properly.

Steering wheel lock

It is better to lock the steering wheel of a car just like the handle of a bike can be locked. This will make it a little more difficult for thieves to steal the car.

Use of car alert system

Benefits of having a car alert system as a security system in the car. The accompanying siren and flashlight play a very important role. This security system will alert everyone around if a person wants to damage the car by dishonest means.

GPS Tracking System

In case your car is stolen for any reason, GPS trucking systems are a great way to know its exact location. As a result, it is possible to quickly recover the lost vehicle.

Do not keep essential items in the car

Many people tend to leave expensive and necessary items inside the car cabin due to busy schedule. This naturally attracts car thieves. So it is always better to keep the necessary items inside the cabin.

Use of additional anti-theft devices

In addition to its own security system, you can use several anti-theft devices to protect the car. Among them are steering wheel lock, wheel clamp and hood lock. These will actually act as an additional physical security system.

Car parking in secured area

It is better not to park the car for a long time in an unknown and isolated place. If there is a CCTV camera or a security guard in the place where you have decided to park your car, the traffic of unwanted people is much less. That’s why parking in all these places is quite safe.



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