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What is the on-road price of Harley Davidson X440 bike? Check actual prices in 10 cities across the country including Kolkata

Harley-Davidson X440 has recently entered the world of Indian roadster motorcycles. The on-road price of the Triumph Speed ​​400 has already been revealed by Bajaj, another manufacturer of the bike. The X440 model has appeared as Harley Davidson’s cheapest model in the country. The bike can be chosen in three trims – Denim, Vivid and S. Each has a different price. This time the on-road price of each variant of the bike has been announced. Below is the list of how much it will cost to buy the bike in 10 cities of this country.

Harley-Davidson X440 On-Road Price List


Denim – 2,78,671 Tk
Vivid – Rs 3,01,492
S – Rs.3,24,313


Denim – 2,97,610 Tk
Vivid – Rs 3,22,027
S – Rs.3,46,444


Denim – 2,69,511 Tk
Vivid – Rs 2,91,532
S – Rs.3,13,553


Denim – 2,78,671 Tk
Vivid – Rs 3,01,492
S – Rs.3,24,313

Navi Mumbai

Denim – 2,78,581 Tk
Vivid – Rs 3,01,394
S – Rs.3,24,208


Denim – 2,78,671 Tk
Vivid – Rs 3,01,492
S – Rs.3,24,313


Denim – 2,64,931 Tk
Vivid – Rs 2,86,552
S – Rs.3,08,173


Denim – 2,69,511 Tk
Vivid – Rs 2,91,532
S – Rs.3,13,553


Denim – 2,60,261 Tk
Vivid – Rs 2,81,474
S – Rs.3,02,688


Denim – 2,74,091 Tk
Vivid – Rs 2,96,512
S – Rs.3,18,933

Incidentally, Harley-Davidson X440 price is highest in Bangalore and lowest in Chandigarh. Prices of motorcycles vary due to different RTO, insurance etc amount in different states.
Talking about the specifications, the Harley-Davidson X440 is powered by a 440 cc, well cooled, long stroke, single cylinder engine. From which maximum power of 27 bhp and 38 Nm of torque will be produced. 6-speed gearbox connected to the motor. The engine is compliant with the new emission regulations. This bike is capable of running on E20 fuel (a mixture of 80% petrol and 20% ethanol).

The Harley-Davidson X440 features USD front forks, dual rear shocks, two-wheel disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, a digital instrument cluster, 18-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, a USB charging socket, LED lights and Connected features. In this country, the bike has rivals – Triumph Speed ​​400, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Hunter 350 and Meteor 350. The X440 will also compete with the Honda CB 350 and CB 350 RS.

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