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Visionox is the first to Develop Under Display camera

under display camera

Visionox is the first smartphone manufacturer that start the mass production of world-first Under Display Camera Smartphone named Holy Grail. Visionox implemented plenty of Hardware and Software on this phone to improve the transparency of the camera area on the screen. You will see this smartphone in the market, in the end of 2020 or in the starting of 2021.

Before Apple and Samsung, Visionox is the world’s first company which announced the manufacturing of first In-Display Camera smartphones. According to IIT Home report Visionox using the industry’s first drive circuit and pixel structure design to avoid interference from display pixel so that the front camera can take pictures without losing quality. Visionox optimized integration of the special algorithm of the front camera to easily eliminated the diffraction and glare which affects the shooting quality of the camera.

under display camera

Make Screen Transparency More transparent

In order to realize the off-screen camera function, the transparency of the selfie camera area (hereinafter referred to as sub-screen) must first be improved. This time Visionox started with the screen material, selected new organic and inorganic film materials with higher transparency, and enhanced the transmission of the film layer structure; optimized the metal layer structure of the screen body-in the secondary screen area with transparent conductive. The layer replaces the non-transparent metal material to the maximum extent, and the metal layer that cannot be replaced by the transparent conductive layer adopts a new material, so as to achieve the dual effects of improving transparency and suppressing diffraction.

Make Selfies More Natural

under display camera

On the basis of updating materials and optimizing the structure, we further “cleared” the interference factors of the secondary screen area, using the industry’s first drive circuit and pixel structure design to avoid the interference of the pixel drive circuit on the camera and suppress the display of the transparent area. The influence of lines and pixels on the front camera greatly improves the front camera effect.

The official said that the blessing of up to hundreds of related technology patents, the exploration and optimization of multi-generation off-screen camera technology solutions, and the collaborative innovation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the multi-party industrial chain finally led to Visionox InV see™ under-screen camera solutions The birth of the plan.

Source: ithome

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