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Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator launched: Specifications, Price

Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator

Viomi 451L Smart refrigerator has been launched with a smart display in China. The name of the smart refrigerator already revealed that it has a total compartment capacity of 415L. Viomi 451L refrigerator also comes with preloaded smart features such as an AI voice interaction system, energy-saving, and more.

Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator specifications and Features

As the name implies, Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator features a cross four-door design. The smart refrigerator also comes with a smart interactive touch-sensitive screen that can be used for multiple tasks such as watch videos, play songs, read recipes & more.

Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator features

In terms of capacity, the smart refrigerator comes with a large capacity of 451L in which a 299L size compartment reserved for the refrigeration whereas a 152L size compartment reserved for the freezer. It also uses 15-layer fine partitions that help the user to store ingredients in an organized manner.

It also comes with app support through which users can remotely adjust the refrigerator temperature. Viomi 451L is equipped with inverter compressors and inverter fans and has a noise level of only 38dB. Additionally, the refrigerator also has a sterilization rate of up to 99.9% which can inhibit a variety of bacteria and prolong freshness.

Viomi 451L Smart Refrigerator price

For dimensions, The refrigerator is 836mm wide and each of the to compartments is 636mm deep while the height of the device is 1830mm. Surprisingly, The refrigerator display can also be used to control all other connected house smart appliances. As mentioned, It has an AI voice interaction system which allows user to connect other smart home appliances using their voice commands. So, User doesn’t need to touch the display.

Viomi 451L Refrigerator Price

Viomi 451L Cross four-door Refrigerator comes with the price tag of 4999 yuan (around Rs.54,000), but it is currently available on pre-sale for 3299 yuan (around Rs. 36,000)

Source: Gizmochina

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