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Vintage Car Auction: Take to the past! Buy or buy a car from the time of the Titanic

If you think that electric cars are a new invention in the world of automobiles, you are making a big mistake! A car that recently grabbed the headlines can change your preconceived notions 180 degrees. This ultra vintage all-electric car was built around the time of the Titanic. Must be surprised to hear? This vintage car is called 1913 Waverly Model 93 EV.

1913 Waverly Model 93 EV goes up for auction

Best of all, the 1913 Waverly Model 93 EV still shines like a new car and is capable of not only being maintained, but running on the road. The question may be why suddenly this car has come up in the news headlines? In answer to this, let us inform that the auction is being called for the sale of the car in August this year. The highest bidder in the auction can take ownership of it.

When cars were only used by the wealthy, the all-electric 1913 Waverly Model 93 EV was created. Its vintage design, however, gives an indication of its age. A US-based firm called Mecum Auctions will be auctioning the car.

No pricing information is available for the 1913 Waverly Model 93 EV. A woman from Virginia bought this car. This car was carefully kept by his family members for almost 100 years. But it was sold in 2002. Best of all, this car still runs. It has an on-board battery charger, capable of charging at 120 volts.

According to the auction company's claim, the 1913 Waverly Model 93 EV can still run 130-160 km on a full charge. Inside it has two passenger seats, side windows and an instrument cluster (probably a later addition). This car has been carrying its heritage for centuries.

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