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Valorant Mobile coming soon, officially confirmed

Valorant Mobile all set to launch soon

Valorant Mobile coming soon, officially confirmed by the Riot. Valorant PC version was launched back on June 2, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic and become a well-known name in the PC gaming community in a very short span of time. Its PC version has already gained 14 million monthly active PC players and half a billion games played in its first year.

Valorant Mobile officially confirmed

Valorant Mobile officially confirmed

Yesterday, Los Angeles-based Riot Games confirmed that they are planning to launch a mobile variant of their popular title, Valorant soon. Although, The company did not reveal any further information about the game and its exact launch date.

Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon said: “One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that Valorant will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter“.

“To see our growing player community recognize and appreciate what we’re trying to do with Valorant is beyond what we could’ve expected and we’re thrilled to soon offer the same competitive Valorant experience to even more global players, she added.

Currently, Valorant is only available for PC, even though, It is not available on consoles. That’s why it would be interesting to see why the company planned to launch Valorant directly to the mobile platform.

For those who are unaware, Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter that is currently only available for PC users. The game has similar gameplay mechanics to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but the game’s characters have different abilities as seen in Overwatch.

Recently, Apex Legend also released the beta of its Mobile version. However, there is no information about the timeline on when it will be released. Will these games compete with PUBG Mobile or not? Do let us know your views in the comment section.



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