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Unlimited data calls at Rs 399, with DTH connection too, know about this secret plan of Airtel?

As the Internet has become a big part of people’s lives in India over the years, most people rely on broadband connections to get seamless and unlimited (read Unlimited) services. However, the cost of using broadband instead of mobile data is higher in some cases, and it does not always offer all the benefits of a mobile recharge plan. In that case, if you now want to get broadband services at a very low cost along with calling and other benefits, then you can opt for Airtel’s Rs 399 ‘Chotu’ plan.

In fact, this low-cost broadband plan from Airtel offers data as well as calling and DTH. But this is a secret plan of the company, which cannot be easily found even if you go to the company’s website. Yes, you read that right. Actually Airtel itself does not brand this plan, hence not many people know about it. If you simply search by typing the keywords ‘Airtel broadband lite’ or ‘Airtel standby’, the plan will be visible directly. Let’s now know the details about this Rs 399 Airtel plan.

Benefits of Airtel’s Rs 399 broadband plan

In fact, the Rs 399 plan is Airtel’s only standby broadband plan that offers multiple benefits at a single cost. This is the cheapest plan under Airtel Black, with a monthly cost of Rs 399, but if you don’t want the hassle of recurring bills, you can avail all the benefits by paying Rs 3,300 upfront. It offers 3,300 GB data at 10 Mbps speed and unlimited calling. This plan also comes with free Xstream box and access to 350+ TV channels.

Remember, rechargers of this plan will have to arrange their own landline connection for calling facility, though this plan will come with a free router. All in all, there is no doubt that the Airtel broadband plan of Rs. 399 is very useful! Especially, it will come in handy for those who want to test Airtel’s services before recharging a big plan.

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