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Twitter New Logo: Elon Musk blew up a 17-year-old blue bird, pranking netizens

Twitter Rebranding: Finally, the practice of Netdunya and all previous indications are true! A year after buying Twitter, Elon Musk changed the logo of the platform. Ever since the transfer of ownership, the world’s richest man has been making one change after another on the popular micro-blogging platform. But his latest move has gone beyond all that – replacing Twitter’s traditional blue bird logo (which has been the platform’s identity for the past 17 years) with a black English letter ‘X’. The new logo is currently appearing on the web version of Twitter, and Musk has also set this logo as the profile picture on his Twitter handle.

Musk had been hinting at rebranding for the past two-three days

There was a lot of discussion on the rebranding of Twitter in Halfil. In March, the Twitter company was registered as ‘X Corp’. Then on July 23, Elon Musk released a teaser video on Twitter about changing the logo and saying goodbye to the blue bird. Also, he has used this letter ‘X’ in tweets several times in the past few days.

Twitter New Logo: Elon Musk blew up a 17-year-old blue bird, pranking netizens
This logo appears when you open the Twitter website

Then today, Musk took to Twitter to share an image of the X logo on the exterior of the company’s headquarters building. Along with this, changes are seen on the platform. It should be noted that now when you open the Twitter website, the first thing that appears on the screen is a black X letter.

The name of Twitter can also be changed

Many thought that Twitter’s rebranding would also change its name. In that case, since its logo change has been implemented, it is expected that its old name will not be seen again very soon. However, some of the netizens do not see the whole matter very well. Many reacted to the change to the classic logo by saying ‘Rip Twitter’. Again, the platform is already filled with users’ jokes and memes!

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