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TVS continues to beat Bajaj, Hero in electric scooter sales

Since the beginning of June, various automobile companies have been publishing their sales figures for the previous month i.e. May. This time, TVS Motor (TVS Motor) brought forward their sales figures. They sold a total of 3,30,609 units of vehicles last month. Whereas 3,02,982 units were sold at the same time a year ago. As a result, sales have increased by 9% this year.

TVS released May’s sales figures

TVS sold 3,19,295 motorcycles and scooters in May this year. Whereas 2,87,058 units were sold during that period of 2022. As a result, sales of two-wheelers increased by 11%. TVS said that demand for iQube, the company’s only electric scooter, is very high. They sold 1,62,248 motorcycles last month. As of May 2022, the number stood at 1,48,560 units, a growth of 9% this year.

And in May, a total of 1,03,203 units of the company’s scooters were placed in the garages of new customers. In the case of scooters, however, only 3 percent growth can be observed in sales. TVS also reported expected sales of electric scooters. Last year, 17,953 models of the iQube were transferred to the new address of the buyer. Whereas the number of sales in May 2022 was 2,637 units. TVS said that the e-scooter currently has more than 30,000 bookings. Among the big companies, they have overtaken Bajaj, Hero in EV sales.

Besides, TVS exported 76,607 two-wheelers and three-wheelers last month. Whereas a year ago the export figure in that month was 1,10,245 units. As a result, there was a decline of 30.51 percent in May. On the other hand, two-wheelers were exported at 66,605 last month. The rate of contraction compared to May 2022 is 31%. Finally, three-wheeler exports fell to 11,314 units in the previous month from 15,924 units in May 2022.

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