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Tresa V0.2 Truck: Fail Tesla! The world was shocked to see the electric truck made in India

Billionaire Elon Musk’s company Tesla has launched their Cyber ​​Truck as a super powerful vehicle. If you hit a house with a hockey stick, the stick breaks, but the car remains intact. Video has surfaced surrounding the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck. Following Tesla’s path, Indian startup Tresa Motors (Tresa Motors) unveiled a new electric truck. Named V0.2. Built with advanced Indian technology, the truck has a central computing unit and advanced telemetry system.

Tresa V0.2 Electric Truck Unveiled

Tresa V0.2 features in-house battery management system, DRL and 800 volt modular battery pack. It is setting new benchmarks in terms of durability and performance. The company promises to keep prices lower than conventional diesel trucks. Besides, other heat pumps will keep all parts of the truck cool, including the cabin.

This EV truck comes with the company’s innovative platform Axial Flux Motor Platform Flux 350 and Meg50 battery module. It uses hundreds of ECUs. They use NVIDIA GPU-powered centralized computing units to perform better. There is also artificial intelligence technology.

Tresa V0.2 features a 300 kWh battery pack. It is capable of generating 24,000 Nm of torque at the wheels. Capable of reaching a top speed of 120 km per hour and will run a distance of 600 km on a full charge. The company claims that the fast charger will charge 10-80% in just 20 minutes.



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