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When GTA VI will be launched, which new maps are being added, know everything in one click

Almost every gamer around the world is currently waiting for the arrival of ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ or GTA VI game. A trailer has already been released for this upcoming game. While the American based video game developer company Rockstar Games has announced that GTA VI is going to be officially launched next year i.e. 2025. However, no specific date has been made public yet. But today information regarding GTA VI game launch time, availability, gaming character names, maps etc. has been leaked online.

Insider Gaming member Mike Straw claims in his latest report that GTA VI game is currently under development and will be launched in the first quarter of 2025. Meanwhile, information regarding the launch period as well as its availability has also been brought forward. According to the report, X-Box and PlayStation players will be able to play the game before PC players. Because this game will be rolled out for console first. It is expected to be made available for PC devices later.

Recently, a person through the Reddit platform revealed which regions are included in this upcoming action/adventure gaming title. He said, starting from Florida, some parts of Georgia will be noticed in this game. However, Rockstar Games has yet to provide any information on this matter. In addition to the mapping information, the Reddit user also reported that GTA VI will likely list the largest number of mini-games in the series. A new fishing mini-game is also expected to be launched under this gaming title.

As we mentioned earlier, the first trailer of GTA VI game has already been released. Which confirmed that the game will have a female protagonist, named Lucia. After the news of the inclusion of this central female character in the franchise went public, fans reacted with great joy. However, there may be a male character alongside the female character, who will probably be called Jason.

It is also reported that the GTA VI game will feature a similar atmosphere to Vice City. In fact, it is assumed that the trailer is inspired by Vice City – sunsets, beaches, yachts, etc. It is believed that Rockstar Games is planning to release the second trailer of the much-awaited GTA VI by May. After which we hope to know some more information about this upcoming gaming title.

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