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The terror of the Blue Whale Challenge game is back again, the tragic death of an Indian student

Recently, the mysterious death of a 20-year-old Indian student studying in the United States has created a stir among netizens. Because the death of the young man is being claimed to be linked to the ‘Blue Whale Game’ challenge. As a result, many people are naturally afraid of the possibility of the return of this killer game. Because many children/youths lost their lives later due to this challenge which went viral 8 years ago. In this regard, several recent events have been found with the exact manner in which participants die after reaching the end of the game. That is why the return of this dangerous and infamous challenge is often questioned.

What is the Blue Whale Challenge? (What is Blue Whale challenge?)

The Blue Whale Challenge, also known as the ‘Suicidal Game’, started going viral especially in 2016. This game originated in Russia. It runs for 50 days. Every day the administrators behind the game give a task to the players. A few simple dares are given in the initial stages and the game becomes more dangerous as the days go by. Because at some point, participants are given tasks that involve self-harm. After all reaching the final i.e. 50th day to complete the challenge the players are asked to complete a task that cost them their lives. In short, the Blue Whale Challenge encourages players to commit suicide.

That’s why the Indian government took some strict steps in 2017 to prevent the youth from being affected by this suicide game. At the same time, emergency guidelines were also issued advising citizens to stay away from such dangerous games.

The investigation into this tragic incident has already started

An Indian student studying in the first year under the US-based University of Massachusetts was found dead on March 8. In this case, authorities of the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office said that the incident was a suicide in view of the temporary investigation. Although many have raised questions about the manner of death. In fact, an acquaintance of the suicidal student claimed that he was given a challenge. where he is asked to hold his breath longer than usual. He died while completing this challenge. In this case, although it seems like suicide to many people, it is not suicide. Because the young man was motivated to kill himself after being instigated by a second party.

Note that such challenges were given as part of the Blue Whale game. That’s why many are finding the connection between the game and the tragic incident that happened with the Indian student.

Although the incident was ruled a suicide after a preliminary investigation, the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office is now looking into various aspects due to repeated questions surrounding the nature of the student’s death. The cause of death can be confirmed only when the medical examination report comes out.

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