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Spend some Diamonds to get the best Emotes, good news for Garena Free Fire Max gamers

Spend some Diamonds to get the best Emotes, good news for Garena Free Fire Max gamers

Premium items and Diamonds (currency) are required to level up in Free Fire Max game. Because of this, players acquire them by spending a lot of money or by participating in various events. But along with these items Emotes are also considered as an important part of this mobile battle royale game. Notably, Garena Free Fire Max gamers can express their feelings by using Emotes. This makes the in-game characters feel more alive. However, rare emote options require a large amount of diamonds to be collected. But if you want you can buy 4 unique emotes for just 399 Diamonds (individually). To know which emotes you will get instead of the mentioned amount of currency, read our report.

These 4 unique emotes can be purchased for 399 Diamonds in Free Fire Max

  1. Spin Master:

As the demand for emote options in Free Fire Max game is huge, the developer company releases them every once in a while through free or paid events. For example, a few days ago, a new emote called Spin Master was added to this Battle Royale game. Using this emote, your character can spin any item in hand. This emote costs 399 diamonds to purchase.

  1. Victorious Eagle:

Victorious Eagle, considered to be the most attractive emote in Free Fire Max game. When this emote is used, the character’s back will appear with eagle-like wings with a burning effect. At the same time, circular rings will appear around the waist, in which the audio beating effect is noticeable. 399 Diamonds are required to purchase this emote.

  1. Rap Swag:

You may have understood what this emote does by looking at the name. Using the Swag emote will make the player’s in-game character act like a person singing rap style. Rappers do the exact same thing as they dance and sing. The Rap Swag emote can be purchased for 399 diamonds.

  1. The Collapse (The Collapse):

The Collapse emote has been in the Free Fire Max game for a long time. Its demand is huge among players. Players can own this too by spending 399 diamonds. Now let’s talk about functionality. Activating this emote will cause your in-game character to bend backwards from the knees to the head. At the same time, a fireball can be seen on the right hand, which also has lightning animations. Overall, this emote looks quite attractive visually.


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