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Participate in Daily Gold Drop event in Free Fire MAX game and win gold coin rewards

Free Fire MAX: Free Fire Max game frequently organizes various events. Recently the developers have brought many events together. Along with this, the Daily Gold Drop event has also been entered. You can get free gold here. In this report we will give details about Free Fire Max Daily Gold Drop event.

Participate in Daily Gold Drop event and win rewards in Free Fire Max game

The Daily Gold Drop event started on February 13, 2024 and will continue until February 28. You can get lots of rewards by completing daily missions here. Here the task resets every day at 4 am. Let’s know how to win free gold in garena free fire max game.

100 gold coins will be given for playing 1 match.
If you play 3 matches you will get 200 gold.
If you play 5 matches, you will get 200 gold.
500 gold coins will be available for playing 8 matches.

The good part is, if you are a part of 8 matches at once, you can claim all the prizes at once. As the missions reset the next day, you can complete them again and get free Gold Coins. Currently this is the easiest way to get gold coins in Free Fire Max game.

Win Gold Coin like this from Daily Gold Drop Event

Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire MAX on your phone and login.

Step 2: Complete the above mentioned tasks.

Step 3: Then go to Events section and select Daily Gold Drop.

Step 4: Here you will see the claim button, where you can click to win the prize.

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