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Get Diomonds from Garena Free Fire MAX’s Moco Store, see what else you can win

Recently a new ‘Moco Store’ called ‘Knee Slide’ has been added to the Garena Free Fire Max mobile battle royale game. From this new section, players get a chance to win lucrative grand prizes and bonus prizes, which will help them reach higher levels in the game. It will even give an option to win Diamonds. In this case today we will discuss about the list of Grand Prize and Bonus Prize available in Moco Store in this report. However, we will inform you that there is a condition for claiming the available prizes.

List of Grand Prizes and Bonus Prizes available in Garena Free Fire Max’s Moco Store

The event called Moco Store has gone live since yesterday i.e. 15th February. The event is expected to last for about two weeks. Totally two categories exist under Moco Store – Grand Prize and Bonus Prize. Multiple premium prizes can be won from both categories. Below are details about this…

Grand Prize

  • Ni Slide Emotglu Wall – Steady Goal.
  • Magenta Striker Bundle.
  • Cloud Rider Emote.
  • Scar – Phantom Assassin skin.
  • M24 – Riverdust Splash Skin.

Bonus Prize

  • Grenade – Magenta Football.
  • Loot Box – Trophy Case.
  • Backpack – Steel Striker.
  • Floating cloud.
  • Pan – Sliver Frost.
  • Parachute – Kite Sky.

Now let’s talk about the conditions. Both the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize categories include 6 prizes each. However, Garena Free Fire Max players can claim only one of these awards. However after choosing the prize a new ‘Prize Pool’ window will open on the Moco Store screen. Among which several significant and effective items are listed. For example –

  • A prize selected from the Grand Prize.
  • A prize selected from the Bonus Prize.
  • 2x Cube Fragment.
  • 2x Demilisanist Weapon Loot Crate.
  • Lock Royal Voucher
  • Gold Royal Voucher.

Also, a ‘Spin and Win’ option is present inside the Garena Free Fire Max Moco Store. Where players can win up to 499 Diamonds by spinning.

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