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Gaming: Boy ran away from home due to lack of internet, gaming addiction is dangerous, what does the doctor say

Most of the gamers take up Gaming to beat the boredom in their daily life. And this work they do when they are not working or resting at home. But as the saying goes, nothing is better than nothing. And so this gaming is good as long as it is enjoyable. But sometimes if it becomes an addiction then its consequences can be very dire. Nowadays, this addiction is not only among adults, but also among children and young people.

What do the experts say about this?

An expert on this subject is Henrietta Bowden Jones. who is director of the UK’s National Center for Gaming Disorders. And it’s a place where people addicted to video gaming are treated.

In 2020, the National Center for Gaming Disorder clinic was launched. Although at that time they did not expect to see fifty patients every year. But currently the number of their patients is more than 800.

Henrietta, writing in an article in The Guardian, has seen countless patients addicted to gaming since the clinic opened. In this case, the behavior of each patient is different. However, they had no preparation in advance regarding how they would deal with some patients. But later it was decided how to deal with them.

He said, in most cases, the age of the patient is between 16 and 17 years. And they begin to withdraw from family and friends as they spend too much time online. And spending more time at home playing games creates distance from school friends and family members. And when this distance becomes extreme, it can be seen that they no longer want to sit and eat with their parents, nor do they want to do any kind of work together.

As a result of gaming addiction, some children become violent again at home and refuse to go to school. When parents try to take away gaming devices from children, children start screaming and arguing at home. They may even resort to running away from home.

He said they have seen young children run out of the house in the middle of the night to find a Wi-Fi connection after turning off the internet connection at home at night.

He also saw kids who thought they might die if they didn’t play the game. Some children also broke the doors and other things of the house due to anger. And as a result of which many times they have injured themselves and also injured other people.

So gaming addiction is a serious matter. It’s fine as long as it’s entertaining. But once it becomes an addiction, it becomes necessary to treat it immediately. Currently in India also there is a growing interest in gaming among children. And this gaming is causing serious harm not only to the children but also to the child as well as his family.

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