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To make uploading or watching videos on Facebook easier, the company has rolled out a bunch of features

For many years, Facebook has been providing users with the facility to post photos and videos along with text updates. However, this time the Meta-owned social media platform has announced several upgrades to the video feature aimed at improving overall performance and providing a better experience. The company has added a new video tab on Facebook, which will make it easier to watch and upload videos. Users will also get options for refined editing tools, uploading videos in HDR, and a separate video tab instead of the old Watch tab while using the Halffill platform.

Making videos on Facebook is easier

Facebook users can more easily add music, filters and other effects to their videos with new editing tools. In this case, along with trimming and cutting the video, you will also get the facility of adding titles and captions. Also, users will now be able to upload videos in HDR quality directly from the phone. Additionally, video editing features options to change the speed of a clip and reverse or replace it.

But that’s not all, Metar announced that features such as audio track selection, noise reduction and voice-over recording for audio will also be available soon. They are already working on these issues.

Users will also get these new features

I said at the beginning that the Facebook company has also brought a new video tab. In that case, it will make it easier for users to find and watch all kinds of videos on Facebook. This new tab has replaced the old Watch tab, and will soon appear in the shortcut bar. Note that this video tab option will be at the top of the Android app and at the bottom of the screen on iOS.

Reel spelling? There is good news

Let’s just say, the company has also made sure to bring reel editing tools to the Facebook feed to engage users. Once this tool is available the option to add audio, text and music directly to the video will be available while uploading the reel from the app.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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