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This company is giving unlimited data for only 39 rupees recharge, is the profit of customers or Jio ahead?

India's telecom market is now largely dominated by private telecom companies and they are constantly competing among themselves. Everyone is desperate to attract customers – which is why almost every telecom service provider or TSP is offering a plethora of recharge plans. Even leading companies like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are offering unlimited 5G services and data with plans priced at Rs 239 and above. But did you know that you can enjoy unlimited data by recharging a small plan of just Rs 39?

In fact, Bharti Airtel's vast plan portfolio includes a data-only voucher aka prepaid plan, which offers unlimited data for as low as Rs.50. That is, if you recharge this plan, you can use as much data as you want. In case a customer suddenly needs a lot of data, this will no doubt come in handy! Let's take a look at all the benefits of Airtel's Rs 39 plan.

Airtel's prepaid plan of Rs

Almost all data-only vouchers offer unlimited data. In that case, we have already said that Airtel's Rs 39 plan also offers this same benefit. 20 GB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) data limit will be applicable on recharging it. But its validity is only for one day, and the most important thing is that this validity is not 24 hours.

It means that no matter what time you recharge, after 12 midnight the benefit can no longer be used. Moreover, this Airtel plan does not offer any calling or SMS benefits, it only works with the active base plan. These things must be kept in mind. So if you are an Airtel prepaid user, you can consider using it if necessary.

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