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Theft is the next thing, on the other hand, the thief will run away in fear, if you install this device in the car, it will kill you

It is said that the price of hobby is lakhs of taka. How many people do nothing to fulfill their hobby. Cars are on the list of hobbies of most people. There are many people who have bought a small car with their hard earned money. Although less expensive, it is very valuable to the owner. Also, the expensive car used by a rich person is equally expensive to that person. So whether the car is cheap or expensive, no one wants to compromise on security to avoid theft. Nowadays, there are several anti-theft devices provided with the car. It is also possible to protect against theft by buying aftermarket parts. Let's take a look at six devices that can prevent car theft.

Steering wheel lock

Steering wheel lock is able to prevent car theft. If the thief somehow starts the engine, this device will prevent the car from moving forward. Foldable steering wheel lock now comes out for compact storage. But some thieves are good at taking off the steering wheel. So it is recommended to get steering wheel lock made of high quality and metal. So that it cannot be cut off easily.

GPS tracking

You have bought a car with hard earned money, it is your responsibility to ensure its safety. GPS tracking is a device that can evade the prying eyes of smugglers. Even if the car is stolen, with its help the police can know about the real time location. It even knows whether the car is moving or stopped.

Alarm system

Car alarm is a very important device in providing car security. Features include motion and shock sensor, mobile app and GPS tracker. If the windows are broken or any attempt is made to break in, the alarm will start sounding a loud siren. If the car does not have such an alarm system, it can be fitted from outside. It has a system to inform the mobile through the app.

Dash cam

A dash cam is a device that records footage of the surroundings while the vehicle is in motion or parked. It is very easy to identify the thief.

Engine immobilizer

An engine immobilizer is a device that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key. As a result, it becomes difficult for the thief to steal the car. Many manufacturers are using this device these days.

kill switch

Pair of kill switches to increase vehicle protection by disabling certain circuits or systems. This also makes it impossible for thieves to start the car's engine. This switch can be activated manually or remotely.

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