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The government does not want to repeat the same mistake, Starlink is not getting permission for this company in India

Starlink has been trying to launch satellite services in India for a long time. And they are currently looking to extend the benefits of digitalization to all by providing satellite based internet services to various rural and underprivileged areas of India. However, earlier this US based company Starlink has been asked by the Government of India to know if there is any foreign company partnership with this company. Because partnering with an organization in a country like China will enable them to easily access data stored by Indian users.

According to reports, Starlink’s parent company, Space X, has informed the Indian government that none of its stakeholders are India’s neighbours. That is, they have not partnered with any organization in China or Pakistan. However, Space X has not provided accurate information about any investors to the Indian government.

In fact, the real reason why the Indian government has not yet given a license to Starlink is that last year, Verizon Communications, an American company that provides Internet services in India, applied to renew their license. And at that time they informed the Indian government that none of their stake holders are neighbors of India. But, later this information was proved to be false. And that is why there remains a big question whether the statements made by the US companies to the Indian government are true or false.

However, Starlink has a fair share of the burden of delivering services to remote areas. However, due to the above reasons the satellite communication company has to wait for a long time to get the license from the Government of India. However, it is hoped that Starlink will try to resolve all the administrative issues as soon as possible to start services in India as soon as possible.

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