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The days of fake voice frauds are over, Truecaller brings cool features

Currently, 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI) technology is being widely used. From creating quick office projects to editing photos or videos, bringing data on any topic to your fingertips in a snap, AI is adept at mimicking voice. But this technology is as useful as it is dangerous. In fact, scammers have been caught in the business of cheating by using this advanced technology in Halfil. Command yes! Several cases of fraud have come to light by impersonating the voices of famous people or families and calling victims to ask for money.

And that's why caller ID and spam blocking software company Truecallers has launched the 'world's first' AI Call Scanner feature to keep the common man safe from such scams. Claimed, this feature can identify whether the caller's voice is human or AI generated.

AI Call Scanner feature will analyze voice in real time

Truecaller says its new AI call scanner feature will record the caller's voice for a few seconds after the first call. It will then analyze the voice using in-house AI models. Within seconds of starting the process, the caller's voice will share the results, telling whether it's actually a human voice or a simulated voice by AI technology.

Fraudsters in Halfil are identifying people they know by finding someone from social media. It then collects voice samples from videos posted on social media by acquaintances and simulates them using AI technology to call for financial assistance. Many have already suffered financially from this scam. And the number of victims is increasing day by day. Therefore, the company has announced this feature so that users do not fall into the trap of 'voice cloning' fraud. In this regard, Truecaller claims, the AI ​​call scanner feature is capable of providing accurate results.

AI Call Scanner feature will work on these Android versions

This feature is available in version 14.6 of the Truecolor app. However, only premium users of Truecolor can reportedly access this feature. The feature is currently available in the US. However, the company has confirmed that it will be launched in other regions including India very soon.

How to use AI Call Scanner feature in Truecaller

1. First you need to set TrueCaller as the phone's default calling app.

2. Tap on the 'Start AI Detection' option when the call comes from a suspicious caller ID.

3. The call will go on hold for some time while the voice is being recorded. At this point a text 'Analyzing' will be displayed on the screen.

4. Now wait for few seconds to get the result.

5. After the process is completed, whether the received phone caller is human or AI generated voice will be displayed on the result screen

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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