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The cost is only 18 rupees, Hyundai is installing fast charging points across the country, 80% charge in 21 minutes.

In the age of electric vehicles the need for adequate charging stations to reduce range concerns is undeniable. Therefore, as the sales of battery operated four-wheelers and two-wheelers are increasing by leaps and bounds, various public and private companies are committed to this work. Hyundai Motor is one of them. The South Korean company has successfully completed the installation of ultra-high speed public EV charging stations in the country.

Hyundai’s ultra-fast charging station

Currently, Hyundai has a total of 11 ultra-fast charging stations in India. Each has three charging points. Out of which one is DC 150 kW, another is DC 60 kW and another is DC 30 kW. Hyundai hopes the expansion of charging infrastructure will fuel the electric car revolution in India.

Currently, Hyundai’s public charging network is deployed in six major cities – Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. They also have charging stations on five major highways in the country, namely, Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Jaipur, Mumbai-Surat, Mumbai-Nashik, and Hyderabad-Bijoywara. Charging points are serviced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Electric vehicles of other companies except Hyundai can be charged there.

How much does it cost to charge?

These charging stations have adequate staff, coffee shops and restaurants to satisfy customers. Every ultra-fast DC charger has fast charging facility. From here, the Ionic 5 charges from 10-80% in 21 minutes. 18 per unit of 30 KW charger can be booked, 60 KW charger/unit requires 21 Tk, while 150 KW/unit charger costs 24 Tk.

The location of charging stations can be tracked from the company’s myHyundai app. There are facilities for navigation, advance booking, digital payment and charging status monitoring. Hyundai plans to install ultra fast charging stations in ten new locations in the country within this year. 100 such charging stations will be built by 2027.

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