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The company that makes the iPhone for Apple is targeting electric two-wheeler production in India

Recently, seeing the increasing demand for electric vehicles, various smartphone manufacturers are looking to start business in this field. Foxconn, which is known for producing the largest number of iPhones in the world, taking a cue from Apple, is going to enter the country’s electric vehicle sector. Sources claim that the company is looking for land in India to manufacture two-wheeler electric vehicles. They are in talks with various state governments to set up EV manufacturing facilities. Foxconn plans to sell electric two-wheelers manufactured in India to Southeast Asian countries.

iPhone maker Foxconn to build EV factory in India

Ola Electric and Royal Enfield are currently conducting experiments with the aim of launching electric motorcycles. The two companies are rumored to be launching their first electric motorcycle in India by next year or 2025. Many speculate that Foxconn will bring EV bikes to the country market targeting these two companies.

Reports claim that a team from India will soon travel to Taiwan to discuss electric vehicle plans with Foxconn. Foxconn, meanwhile, has a world-class reputation for making the Apple iPhone. That is, the electric two-wheelers produced by them in the Indian market may not be the same as Apple’s products. However, it is not yet clear whether they will do joint-venture business in this country.

In news, Foxconn has shown interest in setting up an EV manufacturing facility in Maharashtra. They already have a factory there. Hence one of the business friendly states between Tamilnadu or Telangana can be chosen for electric vehicle production plant. But everything takes time.

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