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The Ambassador car's engine is being fired up to make juicy BBQ chicken, crowding the foodies

Although the production was discontinued many years ago, the Hindustan Ambassador still survives. Many people are still making a living by driving this traditional car as a taxi. This ambassador is satisfying the hunger of foodies by walking a little different way. In a video, the engine of this yellow car can be seen with the lower part of the bonnet being used as a barbecue (BBQ) grill. In fact, street food vendors are seen adopting various creative methods to promote and attract customers. This is also one of them.

Ambassador taxi changed to BBQ station

Recently, a food vlogger on Instagram posted a video of Yellow Taxi's barbecue or chicken making every roasted item from his page. Part of the Ambassador's engine bay has been completely removed to accommodate the grill and barbecue setup. Shop workers are seen putting marinated chicken there. Cooking is done entirely under the open sky.

From the information in the video clip, it is clear that the incident happened in Kerala. The post claims that the owner of this barbecue station is also willing to franchise the 'Smoked BBQ Taxi'. That is, the owner's goal is to open a whole brand from the idea of ​​making barbecue in a yellow taxi. However, the future of this roadside kitchen cannot be predicted right now.

Recently, a trend of food truck business has started in India by converting old cars into kitchens. Many people are selling different foods in luxury cars. Some such videos have already gone viral. Such a trend abroad started a long time ago. That wave has now hit India. Customers also stand in long queues to buy food. For them, the taste of food is the first priority.

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