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Tesla 40 Seconds: Tesla makes cars faster than Maggi, how the impossible works

Time is of immense value in today’s busy world. The urge to get any work done in a short time is therefore noticed everywhere. How much do people do to save a little time! One of the signs of which is that instead of standing in long queues at the bank to send money, people trained in modern technology are saving time by transferring money online. But have you ever heard that a car is built in 40 seconds? Whereas it takes 2 minutes to make a packet of Maggi. After reading the report, maybe many people are going to turn their eyes away as fake news. But listen, the news is as true as daylight! Tesla, the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, produces a single car in just 40 seconds. Which is actually an incredible event.

Tesla builds a car every 40 seconds

Tesla has Asia’s largest electric car factory i.e. Giga Factory in Shanghai, China. From where cars are supplied to the Asian market as well as North America and even European countries. It takes only 40 seconds to make Model Y and Model 3 here. A video that went viral a few days ago claimed to build a car in less than a minute. Do you know the secret behind it?

You will be surprised to know that there are as many robots as there are workers in this Tesla factory. Due to which this Giga factory has won the title of the most efficient car manufacturing factory in the world. It is reported that around 20,000 front line workers and engineers work in this factory. Model Y and Model 3 – Only these two cars are made here.

These two cars are Tesla’s cheapest battery powered models. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been talking about increasing production for the past few months. This world record of building a car in 40 seconds is probably the strategic part of it. Incidentally, Tesla runs a total of six Giga Factories around the world. Namely – Texas, Sparks (Nevada), Shanghai (China), Berlin (Germany) and Fremont (California). At present these factories produce more than 5.5 lakh vehicles annually. Of which the Shanghai plant produces the largest number of cars, around 7.5 lakh units.

Team NaxonTech
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