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Telegram app will earn thousands of rupees every month, the company comes with great benefits

Nowadays users use several messaging platforms. One of the popular messaging platforms is Telegram. Apart from chatting, this application also offers users various features like groups and channels. However, according to the information published in various reports, from now on, like YouTube and Instagram, Telegram will also provide users with an opportunity to earn.

Telegram will earn this time

In fact, recently Telegram CEO Pavel Durav revealed some new information. From there, it is known that Telegram channel owners will also be able to earn in different ways from now on. Because this messaging app will show users some ads from now on. And for this a large part of the income will be given to the channel owners.

The report states that the ad platform will provide financial rewards to channel owners based on the TOM blockchain. That means users will get this reward in tons of coins crypto currency. It is reported that channel users will be given 50 percent of the revenue from advertisements.

Currently there are multiple channels on Telegram which also have millions of subscribers. And if this new rule is introduced, all those channel owners will be greatly benefited.

Incidentally, one of the largest messaging platforms currently is WhatsApp, and Telegram is considered to be the second largest messaging platform. More than 80 million people use Telegram every month. Because, it has some special features which are not available in WhatsApp.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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