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Tata Avinya: Tata’s latest car in the country will rock the market in terms of looks and qualities

Electric cars are the future. The sooner companies realize this, the better they will be ahead of their competitors. What is not left to understand Tata Motors (Tata Motors). So they are preparing to launch electric version of all IC engine cars in the next few years. Tata is currently working on Harrier EV and Curvv EV. But the company’s most modern and country’s most futuristic EV model is the Tata Avinya. In this report we will know the details about the much talked about car.

Tata Avinya: Design

Tata Avinya is still in concept version. According to Tata sources, the Avinya showcases the latest features of electric vehicles. The front has a large grille with small light bulbs. Again the Tata logo has been highlighted through DRL design. The side profile has a sharp design. Being a concept model it lacks ORVM. LED taillights are present at the rear as well as at the front.

Tata Avinya : Specifications

Avinya is based on a skateboard platform. The third generation car will offer a range of over 500 km. However, it is not possible to say the exact figure of the range right now. However, the flagship car is expected to have the same range as the flagship model.

Tata Avinya : Interior

The Tata Avinya’s cabin is equipped with a host of brilliant features. However, being a concept model, it lacks several features. For example – dashboard with infotainment system. Tata has said that they will provide voice control feature in this car. Besides, ambient lighting will be seen outside. It has a two-spoke steering wheel. Which will also be seen in the company’s upcoming models.

Tata Avinya : Launch period

Avinya is Tata’s dream car. Currently the company is preparing to bring Harrier EV and Curvv EV. Although Curvv is still in concept version. So one has to be patient for some time to see the launch of the car. Tata said they will launch this Avinya in 2025.



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