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Talking about AC and favorite songs, MG Motor will provide excellent features in the car with the help of Jio

MG Motor India has promised to bring state-of-the-art features to its cars in India. The company, owned by China’s SIAC Motor, has announced a tie-up with India’s largest telecom company Jio Platforms to provide world-class connected technology.

Jio’s technology in the MG Comet EV car

MG Motor has launched the Comet EV as the country’s cheapest electric vehicle. Through Jio’s digital system, it offers voice assistants in a combination of Hindi and English. The name of this feature has been given by the company as ‘Hinglish Voice Assistant System’ (Hinglish Voice Assistant System). which MG is preparing to add to the Comet EV.

Jio’s digital platform will add music apps, payment apps, connectivity platforms and hardware under this new feature. The company claims that it is India’s first mixed Hindi and English voice assistant system. The Hello Jio voice assistant will be designed in such a way that it can easily understand Indian speech patterns.

According to the company, with this new feature, various information including cricket, weather, news, horoscope will be known as additional features. It can be turned on and off the AC of the car by speaking. Also, through voice commands, music can be played and cricket scores can be known. Speaking about the tie-up with Jio, the company’s deputy managing director Gaurav Gupta said the connected car technology and its innovations will provide leadership in the automobile industry. He also informed about becoming the best in the field of smart mobility as a result of the agreement with Jio.



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