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Summer Car Care Tips: 5 things you must do to take care of your car in summer

Summer Car Care Tips: 5 things you must do to take care of your car in summer

Even as spring rolls on, the summer mercury has begun to climb. From the month of April, you will be exposed to the intense rays of the sun. Especially in north-west and central India the situation became very deplorable. In such a situation, many people use cars for nearby journeys to escape from the heat. But even that doesn’t save it, the heat of the engine causes it to burn. So keeping the car cool is essential to get comfortable driving. Thinking how this is possible? By following some tips, the heat of the car can be reduced even a little. Let’s find out about them.

Use sunshades/window visors

Be sure to use a sunshade or window visor to keep the car cool from the summer heat. Sunshades or window visors can be installed on any car as accessories. Be sure to use it when parking in direct sunlight. This will not heat the car cabin.

Park the car under the shed

If you want to park your car in extreme heat and go somewhere, try to do it under a shed. Then the sunshade/window visor will work even if you don’t use it. Cars can also be parked under the shade of big trees. The sun’s rays will not fall directly on the roof of the car. As a result, the cabin will be protected from the greenhouse effect.

Cover the dashboard

If none of the above two options are possible, then cover the dashboard of the vehicle with a thick towel. There will be no possibility of heat absorption. The plastic and ABS components of the dashboard are more prone to heating up when the vehicle is placed in direct sunlight. So if there is a towel on the dashboard, the absorption of heat will be less. It also keeps the cabin cool.

Keep the windows open

Many people prefer to close the windows completely for safety when parking the car. But if possible, if you keep the windows open even a little, the interior of the car will be protected from heat. Because the wind can play in it. Even if you keep the glass down to fit a finger, you will get relief from the heat.

Air conditioner service

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner inside the car is essential. Especially during the summer months. This includes filter cleaning and refrigerant gas refilling. If they are done properly, the AC will work well. The car will also be cool.


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