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SRK rides a car with the highest security even from state leaders, keeping it unharmed even in major accidents

Reports claim that Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan recently met with an accident. The incident took place in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is reported that the actor suffered a nose injury as a result of this accident. Due to which he had to undergo minor surgery. However, the actor has not yet commented on this. Many say that he was injured in a car accident. But the King-Khan in the country has such a robust car, equipped with some of the world’s best safety features. Shahrukh bought Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV not long ago. In this report, we will discuss five safety features of the ultra-luxury SUV, which are capable of keeping passengers safe in any minor to major accident.

Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV Safety Features:

Anti lock brake

The vehicle is provided with ABS to provide safety in braking. If the tire is about to come to a complete stop as a result of applying the brakes while driving, it will automatically take over control. If this is the case, ABS will reduce the brake pressure on the tires and keep the wheels spinning.

Stability control

The stability control system is there to prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle. This advanced system will sense if the car is losing control and will automatically fall into the fray. In that case it will bring the situation under control by reducing engine power and using adequate brakes.

Front impact airbag

Shahrukh’s Rolls Royce is equipped with front impact airbags to ensure safety in case of a head-on collision. They are specially designed so that there is no injury to the head of passenger and driver.

Side impact airbag

The presence of side impact airbags has been noticed in the car to protect the passengers from chest, stomach, waist and back injuries. In short, they will protect both sides of the body.

Overhead/knee airbags

There are overhead airbags in the ceiling to protect the upper part of the head in the event of severe jolts during an accident. Again there is ‘knee airbag’ to protect the passengers from lower body injuries. These are located under the dashboard. As a result, it will prevent knee injuries.

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