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Why Should You Try Solar Energy? Can Solar Panels be Advantageous?

Solar energy is significant because it is a renewable and clean medium of power. It reduces your dependence on fossil fuels, alleviates climate change, and even aids in creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system.

What should a layperson know about solar panels?

solar panel is a device through which you can convert sunlight into electricity. These panels have multiple photovoltaic cells that are formed of semiconductor materials like silicon. Once the sunrays touch these cells, it stimulates electrons, producing an electric current. The electricity you get to produce through it can be useful for you as you can use it for home, businesses, and even other electrical devices. Hence you can be confident that you have a renewable and sustainable energy medium. 

What are the perks you get with these panels?

It has several advantages like:

– You get renewable energy through these panels as these panels harness sunlight to produce electricity. Hence, it reduces your dependence on fossil fuels and vindicating climate change.

– You can save a lot through it as once you have installed it, these panels ensure you free electricity, reducing or even removing your monthly utility bills and ensuring savings.

– Solar energy demands minimal maintenance, with hardly any moving parts. It results in lower maintenance costs in comparison with other energy systems.

– You can easily scale up and down these panel systems making them suitable for a range of applications, from residential rooftops to even huge -scale solar farms.

Why should you pick only Mon Perc Solar Panels?

Mon Perc solar type of panels ensure higher level of effectivity, efficiency, better low-light performance, augmented durability, improved temperature coefficient, and an aesthetically attractive design.

How many pennies to spend for Mon Perc Solar Panel?

You may have to spend some amount on Mon Perc panels. It can differ depending on brand, capacity, installation requirements, and location. Mostly, prices range from INR 30,000 to even INR 50,000 per kilowatt (kW), or it can be more.

What are the government’s schemes or subsidies for it?

To boost the adoption of solar energy, the Indian government has introduced numerous subsidiaries and schemes. For example, the PM KUSUM offers financial help for installing solar energy for irrigation and farming tasks. With Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme, you get incentives for your institutional, residential, and government buildings for installing rooftop panels. And there are many more in different regions and states.

Can you get an EMI facility from any distributor?  

Well, yes, you can avail it. Loom Solar, a well-known solar panel distributor in the country, gets you EMI provision to make solar panel purchases affordable. Their facility permits customers like you to convert your solar panel purchases into suitable monthly instalments, spreading the expense over time.  

Loom Solar is recognized and adored as a leading solar system distributor in India. People love it for its high-quality products and incomparable customer service. Their wide range of panels, batteries like lithium battery options, innovative solutions, and even dependable after-sales support have earned Loom Solar a great and trusted reputation. 


So, investing in solar energy can be a game-changer for your electricity usage and expenditure.



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