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Service at a lower cost than Royal Enfield, Bajaj promises to make customers happy

If the responsibility could have been relieved by launching a motorcycle or a scooty, it might not have been a happier news for the two-wheeler companies. But where is it happening! After selling a two-wheeler there are thousands of responsibilities. There is a need to provide various services. Which companies have to deal with. Even if minor queries arise in the minds of the buyers, it is the responsibility of the selling company to resolve them. This definitely requires an umbrella. In which case Bajaj made a surprising announcement. The company claims that after-sales service costs will be lower than Royal Enfield. After this announcement, the interest of buyers to buy Triumph Speed ​​400 has increased.

Bajaj and Trump have jointly launched the Triumph Speed ​​400 bike in India. It received a huge response from the buyers soon after its launch due to its attractive price, design and performance. But the buyers are in doubt about how the bike service will be or where to get it. A lot of related questions are also coming from the readers. Today’s report discusses that.

Who will service Triumph Speed ​​400?

In answer to this question, Bajaj will provide service for Triumph Speed ​​400. But not from a KTM dealership, or from any Bajaj dealership. It will be available from Triumph service centers. The number of which will be increased to 100-120 in this country within a year.

Bajaj-Triumph plans

Triumph is offering a warranty of 16,000 kilometers or 1 year (whichever is earlier) on the Triumph Speed ​​400. So there is no need to take the motorcycle to service center every six months. If you often travel long distances, don’t worry. Because 16,000 km is a long way. As a result, the worry of not being able to travel long kilometers and the hassle of frequent servicing will be saved.

16,000 km will run once engine oil is poured?

To answer this question, Bajaj has said that they will use a specially formulated engine oil (name not disclosed) in the Speed ​​400. But whether it is mineral, semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil, no information has been released. It is assumed to be fully synthetic and high performance engine oil.

How much does servicing cost?

Bajaj has not yet revealed the cost of servicing the Speed ​​400. The Pune company only said that the servicing cost of this bike will be less than that of Royal Enfield. If true, then Bajaj will set a precedent in this regard.



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