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Selling more than lakhs a month, Maruti is the king of cars for so many years, know the secret today

In the world of Indian passenger vehicles, Maruti Suzuki has gradually taken itself far above the competition. This Indo-Japanese company is guiding the country’s passenger car industry like an uncrowned king. It is rare for a Masai company to sell less than one lakh cars in the last few years. Experts are often seen pointing fingers at safety in company cars. But even that has little effect on the company’s car sales. So what is the mystery of the car king Maruti for so many years? Let’s demystify that.

Dealership Network

The country’s largest dealership network is one of the major contributors behind Maruti Suzuki’s popularity. In November 2022, they reached the milestone of 3,500 number of dealers in the country. If each dealership sells even two cars per month, their monthly sales volume is 7,000. Naturally, dealerships sell far more cars than that. So the sales volume is naturally much higher than the competitors.

Lots of options

Now, if Maruti does not have such a car stock, then what is the use of having a large dealership network! Therefore, the organization has given considerable importance to that. Currently they sell more than 15 models from Arena and Nexa dealerships. Each is priced quite a bit lower than its current counterparts. Recently three new cars were added to the company’s portfolio – Jimny, Fronx and Invicto.

Service and reliability

A common saying about Maruti Suzuki is that even if you can’t find the road, the Maruti service center is definitely in sight. That is, it is clear from this that customers do not have to go through a lot of trouble to find the company’s service center. Urban, suburban or rural – they have service centers everywhere. Their cars are also very reliable. The company’s vehicles are manufactured locally with advanced technology.

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