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Scooter Maintenance Tips: Follow these 5 tips to keep your scooter fresh for years

There is a growing trend among Indians to ride scooters due to its many practical benefits. There are various types of scooters available in the market at different prices. Depending on the budget, you can buy the scooter according to your choice. But whether it is a bike or a scooter, regular maintenance is required to get the performance right day after day. Here are five simple tips for the readers to keep the scooter looking fresh year after year.

5 tips to keep your scooter in top condition

keep clean

Just like any other vehicle, an entire scooter is made up of numerous components. Due to daily use and above all driving in the Indian environment, various parts of the scooter start accumulating dust and dirt. If this continues day after day, it will definitely cause long-term damage to all these parts of the scooter. To stay clean, clean the area around the scooter once a week using plain water.

Engine oil change

The heart is as important to animals as the engine is to vehicles. It is the most expensive and necessary part. The performance of this engine is known when running at your preferred speed on the road. A petrol or diesel engine contains various metal parts. In order for them to move smoothly, the inner chamber of the engine is filled with a special type of engine oil. After a long period of use, this engine oil needs to be changed at regular intervals. So definitely use engine oil of the grade specified by your scooter manufacturer and change it on time to keep the engine healthy.

Check the condition of the tires

Wheels and tires play a major role in moving forward while connected to the road. It has to adapt to any type of road or all types of weather. So the biggest wear and tear in the scooter is the tires. Many are reluctant to take this issue seriously. Regularly check the tire pressure on the wheels of the scooter so as not to make such a mistake. It is also wise to replace the tread when the tread on the top of the tire is damaged.

Battery health check

At one time there was a system for starting the engine of a bike or scooter without a battery, but today’s ECU-based models cannot be started without a battery. In a scooter, starting the engine, headlights, turn indicators, horn and other electrical equipment depend on the battery. That’s why the health of the battery should be checked regularly. Sometimes the battery leaks or corrodes the battery terminals. Keeping all these things in mind, the battery should be checked and replaced if necessary by qualified personnel.

Be it a small scooter or a big car, it needs to be serviced at regular intervals to keep it moving smoothly. For this, the vehicle manufacturer’s own service center or the help of skilled employees should be taken.

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