Home News Sandes app, an Indian alternative of WhatsApp available for ministry officials

Sandes app, an Indian alternative of WhatsApp available for ministry officials

Sandes Application

Sandes app, an Indian alternative of WhatsApp is now available for ministry officials. The app’s backend data is fully controlled by the NIC, The National Informatics Centre, that comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Last year, several reports claimed that the government made a messaging app which is expected to could be called GIMS.

Sandes Application available for ministry officials

Some previous reports suggested that the Indian government is planning to launch an Indian alternative of Whatsapp is finally live but only for ministry officials as of now. Sandes app will run on both iOS and Android platforms. It may also include the support of voice and data, similar to the modern-day chatting apps like Whatsapp.

As earlier mentioned, Some officials in ministries have already started using the GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System). Besides, it turns out that the messaging app has now got a desi name – Sandes. gims.gov.in official page also shows some ways to log-in including sign-in LDAP, sign-in with Sandes OTP, and Sandes web. When anyone tapping on any of the options, the page shows a warning, “This authentication method is applicable for authorised government officials”.

Currently, Sandes is being initially tested by ministry officials only. However, there is no confirmation on when the government will be rolled the Indian alternative of Whatsapp for all the Indian users.

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