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Samsung TVs Revolutionize Home Fitness with Interactive Yoga Experience through YogiFi Integration

Samsung partners with YogiFi to bring interactive yoga to smart TVs, revolutionizing home fitness. Experience the perfect blend of technology and wellness with Samsung TVs and YogiFi's smart yoga integration.

Samsung TVs Bring Interactive Yoga Experience

Samsung Interactive Yoga Experience: Samsung has exciting news for yoga enthusiasts in India as it introduces an interactive yoga experience on its Samsung TVs. Through an exclusive partnership with YogiFi, a leading manufacturer of smart yoga mats, Samsung’s 2023 lineup of smart TVs will come equipped with built-in YogiFi integration. This collaboration enables users to practice yoga with the assistance of an AI-enabled smart yoga mat and a compatible Samsung TV.

Embracing Yoga with YogiFi on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung TVs Bring Interactive Yoga Experience

Samsung aims to enhance the yoga journey of its users by providing them with the YogiFi app on all smart TVs launched in India this year. This app offers a wide range of yoga content, including posture correction feedback, guided classes, personalized sessions, and wellness monitoring when paired with a YogiFi smart yoga mat. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the YogiFi app caters to all levels and helps users improve through valuable posture correction feedback. Crystal 4K UHD TVs, QLED TVs, Neo QLED TVs, and OLED TVs will support the YogiFi app.

A Comprehensive Yoga Experience

Samsung’s smart TVs equipped with the YogiFi app offer three progressive 21-day yoga programs: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These programs are thoughtfully designed, incorporating relevant yoga asanas. The smart yoga mat utilizes various sensors to detect users’ positions and postures. In case of incorrect posture, instant feedback is displayed on the large screen of the paired Samsung TV. The development of this health and wellness app for smart TVs is a result of close collaboration between Samsung R&D Institute India in Delhi and YogiFi. It aligns with Samsung’s Make for India initiative.

A Vision for Holistic Health and Fitness

Samsung TVs Revolutionize Home Fitness with Interactive Yoga Experience through YogiFi Integration

Dipesh Shah, Head of India Consumer Experience Team at Samsung, emphasized the company’s commitment to holistic health and fitness. By partnering with YogiFi to make yoga more accessible, Samsung envisions a connected world where devices and innovation contribute to better, personalized, and intuitive multi-device experiences. With Samsung TVs, users can now embrace the tech way of practicing yoga within the comfort of their homes while benefiting from instant feedback and guidance.

Conclusion – Interactive Yoga Experience

In conclusion, Samsung’s integration of YogiFi on its smart TVs marks an exciting milestone in the world of interactive yoga experiences. With a wide range of features and programs, users can enjoy the benefits of yoga from the comfort of their own homes. Samsung’s commitment to holistic health and fitness shines through this partnership, offering users the opportunity to achieve calm and wellness through the power of innovative technology.

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