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Samsung Rollable phone with S-Pen is in Development

Samsung Rollable phone is in development after Oppo announced the X2021 rollable phone at Oppo INNO Day this year. Although, Oppo X2021 is expected to hit the market after MWC 2021. And Now Samsung is also entering into the rollable smartphone market. The 3D renders of the Samsung Rollable phone have been created by letsGODigital that gives the idea of the overall design of the smartphone.

As per the letsgodigital report, Samsung has shown a retractable smartphone to limited visitors at CES 2020. But earlier this month Lee Jae-Yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics whose image surfaced holding a smartphone that looks like a retractable smartphone appears online. Earlier some reports also suggest the development of a sliding phone from the South Korean Company.

Some reports from Korea also suggest that Samsung is also working on a flexible display panel that can be converted from a 6-inch screen to an 8-inch tablet screen. Samsung Galaxy Note series is well known for its S-Pen and big screen. Samsung will also include S-Pen in this advanced Samsung rollable phone to completely utilize the benefit of the big screen as well.

A few reports also suggest that Galaxy Fold 3 and galaxy S21 series will also include S-Pen and Samsung might discontinue the Galaxy Note series as well. However if the S series and Fold series will include S-Pen then Why anybody will go for the Note series. There is no idea which technology will Samsung use for selfie cameras like the Oppo X2021 hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the selfie camera of the X2021 whether it is gonna be a pop-up selfie or under the display camera.

The report also suggests that the new rollable smartphone will come as Galaxy Note rollable or Galaxy Z Roll. However, the Samsung Rollable phone is expected to launch in March 2021 or at MWC 2021. Like Samsung and oppo other smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, LG, ZTE, and others are also developing new rollable smartphone technologies as well.

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