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Royal Enfield bike explodes like a bomb in summer, 10 people injured, video will make you shiver

Temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius in most of the tropical regions of India. Eight to eighty, all people are in such a bad situation. In this intense heat, IC engine powered bikes catching fire are often seen online. Another accident video has gone viral. In the video that spread on social media, a Royal Enfield bike was seen burning on the road. Some local people are trying to put out the fire in the crowd. But unfortunately the situation turned more dire in the blink of an eye.

Many injured in Royal Enfield bike blast

According to an all-India media report, the accident took place on Bibi Bazar Road in Mughalpura, Hyderabad last Sunday. A Royal Enfield bike caught fire suddenly. On coming to notice, the sitting person immediately left his bike and went to a safe place to save his life. Seeing the dangerous situation, some local people extended a helping hand. They came forward and tried to put out the fire. However, it is not possible to say clearly which model the bike caught fire. From the picture, it is assumed that it is Royal Enfield Classic 350 or Bullet 350.

Some came in front of the motorcycle to put out the fire. Some tried to put out the fire with water, others with sacks. There is even a police officer nearby. But despite all this, the fire could not be extinguished. Then the fatal accident happened.

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A fire engulfed the motorcycle's fuel tank within seconds. As a result, explosions occur. Around 10 bystanders were injured. In the video, one can be seen severely burned. All of them are currently undergoing treatment in hospital. Now the question is, what should be done if a bike catches fire? First, the fire department should be notified. It is advisable to use a suitable fire extinguisher if available.

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