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Risk of damage in monsoon, keep these 5 things in mind before going out with electric scooter or bike

Summer countries like India continue to be hot for most of the year, but the rainy season is in full swing from mid-June to around September. Already there is a warning of heavy rainfall from North to South India under the influence of Monsoon axis. Several states are already depopulated. Rainy days require extra caution for any vehicle especially electric vehicles.

In fact, any type of electrical equipment in any type of electric vehicle can cause problems when exposed to water vapor or rain. Battery-powered four-wheelers are less of a problem, but electric two-wheelers really need to be thought about during monsoons. We have to admit that even if there is a waterproof IP (IP) certificate, caution is not enough. Today’s report contains guidelines on how to take care of an electric bike or scooter during the monsoon to ease your worries.

Care of electric bikes and scooters during monsoons-

Secure parking spot

At this time it is very important to park your battery operated two wheeler in a safe place. It is best to park in a shaded area if possible. Otherwise we suggest you to keep a special cover to cover this bike or scooter with you at all times. Prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall can cause permanent damage to water bodies as well as rusting in various areas. In fact, electric two-wheelers use more electrical components than petrol-powered two-wheelers. That is why this warning is necessary. Parking such scooters near any electric poles or trees is not recommended. Also, if you want to park for a long time, definitely use a double stand.

Keeping the charging equipment safe

Another problem that electric scooter users face during these days of extra rain is the charging device. You should keep this charger as dry as possible. Otherwise, water can enter its internal parts and cause a short circuit. As a result, there is a high possibility of the battery of the e-scooter or bike getting damaged. It is also better not to use public charging devices during such times.

Battery health check

It is essential to charge your two wheeler battery regularly whether it is summer, monsoon or winter. Remember this is the lifeblood of your car. Many times due to the moisture in the air, sulfur-like substances accumulate on the two terminals of the battery. Then no charging or discharging of the battery is possible properly. In such a situation, it is wise to take it to an authorized service center without any delay. Usually the batteries in the scooters of reputed companies are given an IP rating which is basically a safety shield.

Avoid flooded roads

Today’s modern electric bikes and scooters can easily navigate slightly flooded roads. However, it is better not to drive such vehicles on roads where there is water above a certain height. Various electronic sensors are used on the underside of electric scooters. As these are likely to deteriorate when exposed to water, the cost of replacement is prohibitive. After getting wet in rain, the electric two-wheeler should be wiped all over with a dry cloth.

Arrangement of insurance

Insurance has been made compulsory for most vehicles in our country. Major motor insurance providers in the country deny coverage for flood-damaged vehicles in their standard packages. Customers have to pay extra to get this type of coverage. But our suggestion is that in flood prone countries like India it is better to get this special insurance with extra money along with general insurance coverage.

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