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Riding on the popularity of Pulsar, Platna, Bajaj’s motorcycle sales doubled

Bajaj Auto witnessed a huge uptick in motorcycle and scooter sales in May (Bajaj Auto). Statistics show that the company managed to sell 1,94,811 two-wheelers last month. Which is double compared to May 2022 (96,101). Again, May saw a 7% increase in sales over April 2023 (1,81,828 units). Looking at the sales performance, it is clear that Bajaj Auto has made a great comeback even though there has been a dip in demand at times.

Bajaj two-wheeler sales doubled in May

Although Bajaj currently exports two-wheelers to 70 countries in the world, recently, the ebb and flow of sending cars abroad is going on. Bajaj exported 1,53,397 units of bikes and scooters in May last year, while last month the number decreased to 1,12,885 units. That is 26% less. However, the company’s two-wheeler exports increased by 44 percent last month compared to April this year (1,06,157 units).

Experts believe that this poor condition is due to long-term weakness in exports. They believe that the increase in the cost of raw materials has affected exports due to the increase in the price of two-wheelers. However, higher than expected sales of bikes and scooters in the domestic market has not allowed Bajaj’s market share to come down too much. Bajaj believes that sales will increase further as the demand in rural areas is slowly returning.

Incidentally, among the company’s two-wheelers in the last six months Pulsar And Platinum Sales of the range were highest. Meanwhile, the company sold 33,950 commercial vehicles last month, up 17,384 units from May 2022. Exports also rose to 13,682 units last month from 10,613 units a year ago.

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