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Renault has launched a special servicing offer for customers to drive safely in the rainy season

As romantic as the monsoon season is on the screen, the actual situation is quite the opposite. Car owners need to be extra careful at this time. Because the air is high in water vapor and the roads are muddy or waterlogged, car parts are likely to get dirty and damaged very quickly. That is why regular car maintenance is a very important task during this period. To facilitate this issue, Renault India has organized a special campaign for the convenience of customers. Which is a campaign related to after sale service organized on the occasion of rainy season.

This service will be available from 17th to 23rd of this month from all Renault dealerships spread across the country. This includes the system of complimentary checkup of the entire vehicle through the company’s own trained employees. As a result, all the customers of Renault will be able to travel far away for sure throughout the rainy season.

Renault India Monsoon Camp

In this special camp organized for the rainy season, all the features of all the vehicles will be checked first. During this week-long event, there are several other attractive offers for all customers who attend the nearest dealership to get this service. There will be 10% discount on some special parts of the company and up to 50% discount on several other accessories. Also there is 15 percent discount on labor charges. Not only this, Renault will offer a 10% discount on the purchase of additional warranty and roadside assistance for each vehicle.

About the Monsoon Camp Sudhir Malhotra, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Department, Renault India said, “We are very excited to organize this Monsoon Camp for our dear customers across India. Our company is always determined to ensure customer satisfaction and provide them with an outstanding experience.”

He also added that, “This Monsoon Camp is organized to improve the performance and safety of all our vehicles in this inclement weather during monsoon. Through this, our skilled employees will provide an indescribable experience to our customers through attractive offers such as complimentary car checkups.”



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