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Reduced Validity, Vodafone Idea Customers Check New Benefits Before Recharging Rs 99 & Rs 128 Plans

There is yet another bad news for Vodafone Idea customers. The company has decided to reduce the validity of its Rs 99 and Rs 128 prepaid plans. It is believed that the telecom company has taken such steps to increase its income. As per the report, as Vi has been struggling to increase their ARPU (Arpu). Even in the first quarter of this year, the ARPU of this telecom company did not increase much. It remained at Rs 135, i.e. the same as the previous quarter. So Vodafone Idea is now trying to increase revenue by reducing validity of Rs 99 and Rs 128 plans.

It is believed that Vodafone Idea’s 2G customers who use these two plans, recharge the plans frequently, this move by the company. This will result in an increase in ARPU along with revenue growth.

Vodafone Idea’s Rs 99 plan

Earlier, Vodafone Idea’s Rs 99 plan had a full 28-day validity. But this plan can be used only for 15 days from now. This means that the daily cost of this plan has increased from Rs 3.53 to Rs 6.6. However, rest of the benefits of this plan remain the same. No changes have been made to it. 200 MB data and 99 Tk talk time is offered here. But no SMS service is provided here.

128 plan of Vodafone Idea

Earlier, Vodafone Idea users used to get 28 days validity on the Rs 128 plan. It has now reduced to 18 days. That is, the daily usage cost of this plan has increased from Tk 4.57 to Tk 7.11. Users of this plan can make 10 minutes local and all local and international calls at 2.5 paise per second. Besides, you will also get night minutes from 11 pm to 6 am. This means that the subscribers of this plan will still get all the benefits they were getting earlier, but with less validity.

However, this change is now only applicable to Mumbai Telecom Circle. Users in other regions will get the same benefits as before. It is believed that the change has been made in Mumbai circle for now to get feedback from customers, but Vodafone Idea may roll out this change in other places soon. But Vodafone is not the first, earlier Airtel also discontinued the Rs 99 plan in only two areas and launched the Rs 155 plan to get feedback from their customers. Later the Rs 99 pack was discontinued in all circles.

Shiv Nanda
Shiv Nanda
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