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Pharma Sahi Daam: The government launched a special app to deliver medicines to poor people at low cost

Day by day increase in the price of medicines has created a lot of problems for the common middle class people. However, this time the central government brought good news for the common people. They have recently launched an application called ‘Pharma Sahi Daam’, from where people can buy medicines at a fair price. This app is developed by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority. And this app can be used by both Android and iOS users.

How Pharma Sahi Daam App will work

If the doctor has prescribed a branded and expensive medicine for your ailment, then you can search for cheap alternatives to that medicine with the help of this app. For this you need to go to the app and enter the drug name, then it will show you a complete list of cheaper alternatives to that drug. And you can buy medicine from anywhere through this app.

Note that although the names of the drugs are different, the composition of the drugs will be the same. As a result, their performance will also be the same. For example, Augmentin is the best selling antibiotic drug in India. The price of ten tablets of this brand medicine is around Tk 200. But you will find at least ten alternatives of this drug in this app, which will cost 8 to 10 rupees. Similarly, 15 capsules of Pan D cost 199 rupees and 10 capsules of other companies with the same formula will cost only 22 rupees.

This time, the government will control the price of more than one-third of medicines.

Drug prices in India depend on supply and demand like any other commodity. However, the government will control the price of more than 33 percent of medicines from this time. That is, from now on, no company will be able to increase the price of medicine at will. Incidentally, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has prepared a list of essential medicines and is regulating their prices. The prices of 355 drugs and their 882 formulations in India are fixed under the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO).

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