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Paytm back on Playstore in a couple of hours after google removed the app

Paytm back on Playstore

Paytm back on Playstore in a couple of hours after google removed the app because of violating gambling guidelines. The company has assured its users that their balances and accounts are 100℅ safe.

Today, Google has removed the Paytm Application from the play store because of violating the gambling policies. Along with Paytm games has also been banned from the play store due to violating the same policies.
After getting a ban from the play store, Paytm made an announcement on their official Twitter account in which the company assured its users that they will come back soon on Playstore.

Finally, Paytm back on Playstore

As they said, In just a couple of hours the Paytm app came back on play store. The company mentioned the reason why Google unlisted the Paytm app from the play store.

“Today afternoon, we received communication from Google that they are suspending our app because they believe this to be a violation of their Play Store policies on gambling. The Paytm Android app has thus been unlisted from Google’s Play Store and is temporarily unavailable to users for new downloads or updates”

“While it is clear that all activities on Paytm are completely lawful, we have temporarily removed the cashback component in an effort to meet the Play Store policy requirements. We continue to work with Google to restore the app. We assure all our users that their balances and linked accounts are 100% safe”. The company added.

Additionally, Google has warned Disney+Hotstar to display a warning before promoting such Applications. Besides, Google notified several companies in India to pause all advertising campaigns which sent users to those websites that offer installation files of sports betting apps.

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