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Canon Powershot Zoom – a mini telescopic camera with a 12.1 MP lens launched in Japan

Canon Powershot Zoom

Canon unveiled a mini telescopic camera in Japan dubbed as Canon Powershot Zoom. The sales of portable sports cameras and special cameras have been increased in recent years instead of Digital Cameras. The camera went on sale immediately after the launch through crowdfunding.

Canon Powershot Zoom Specifications and Features

Canon Powershot Zoom features

According to a Gizmochina report, The Canon Powershot Zoom is lighter than the smartphones nowadays and weighs only 145g. It looks similar to the traditional monocular telescope and can be used one-handedly due to its small size and lightweight. The eyepiece provided in the camera is an electronic viewfinder. On top and at the bottom of the camera are physical buttons to adjust the focus and start shooting.

Canon Powershot Zoom specs

The camera has a built-in 12.1 megapixel 1/3 inch sensor. This sensor is even smaller than mobile camera sensors. Canon Powershot Zoom supports continuous shooting at 10 frames per second and video recording up to 1080p/30fps, as well as facial recognition. The camera also comes with a waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof build making it suitable for use during outdoor sports.

As per report, It supports two optical focal lengths equivalent to 100mm and 400mm, and a digital focal length equivalent to 800mm. It also supports real-time focus adjustment and pictures can be taken while recording a video. From the promotional video, it seems that Smooth zoom is not supported.

Canon Powershot Zoom price

Canon Powershot Zoom is priced at 31460 yen ( Rs. 22,150 approx ) on the crowdfunding platform and it is currently only available in the Japanese market.

Source: Gizmochina

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