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Other apps can be downloaded from Facebook, Meta’s new plan to take on Google, Apple

Since becoming Meta from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company has been making one big move after another. However, due to the decision they have made this time, technology companies like Google or Apple may come under great pressure. In fact, downloading applications on Android smartphones or iPhones usually requires the help of Google Play Store or Apple App Store; Android users also get the option of side-loading apps. Now, Facebook owner Meta is rumored to offer such an option on its popular platform. In simple words, very soon if you have Facebook app on your phone, you will be able to download other apps with it – no need to take the help of Play Store or App Store. No doubt this is going to be a big change.

How to download apps from Facebook?

App developers also have to participate in a special process and in-app billing system for listing their products (ie apps) on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. But Meta has found a new way to bypass this rule by Google and Apple by offering the option to download apps directly from Facebook ads. On the other hand Meta app will not take any kind of revenue or profit share from the developers. And if this is the case, naturally both Google and Apple will face big competition.

Incidentally, the European Union (EU) has already confirmed in its Digital Markets Act (DMA) that all major tech companies will have to allow alternative app stores from now on. That is, from next year, smartphone users will get the facility to download apps apart from Play Store or App Store, and that is compulsorily or according to rules. In that case, the action taken by Mater in this regard can show the company a big profit.

What is App Side-Loading?

If Android or Apple device users install apps through an APK file or third-party website or any other means other than company-provided app stores, the process is called side-loading. App side-loading is easy on the Android platform, and there are also other third-party app stores (especially smartphone companies’ own options) available.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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