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Oneplus Disabled ‘X-ray’ Camera Mode in Oneplus 8 Pro

Oneplus Disabled 'X-ray' Camera Mode in Oneplus 8 Pro

Oneplus disabled X-ray Camera mode by pulling update of Oxygen OS Globally. Oneplus was initially claimed that the color filter camera and associated Photochrom color mode for the OnePlus 8 Pro is accused of allowing people to see their clothing and have capabilities of see-through thin plastic. However, an Oxygen OS update disabling the photochrom color mode feature globally was rolled out. But, according to the folks at Oxygen OS Updater, a subsequent OTA will re-enable the feature.

Oneplus disabled X-ray Camera mode

What is Oneplus ‘X-ray’ Camera Mode ?

For those people who don’t know about the Oneplus X-ray mode, OnePlus 8 Pro has an attractive camera department with a 48MP quad-camera setup at the back. But one of them is a color filter camera and it has capabilities to see through objects. The tweet by Ben Geskin showcases the filter could show the inside of the object.

Oneplus 8 Pro actually doesn’t have any X-ray vision but thanks to one of the phone’s Photochrom color filters that helps cut down on infrared light in somewhat specific circumstances. the phone can also let you see certain details that might otherwise be hidden. But for Oneplus disabled X-ray Camera mode by pulling update of Oxygen OS across several countries.

Oneplus Disabled 'X-ray' Camera Mode in Oneplus 8 Pro
Source: Oneplus

For those who don’t know, there are various smartphones and gadgets that can capture infrared radiation that can’t be seen just like that. There are thermal cameras and even night-vision goggles for the purpose. Various smartphones have also started incorporating infrared sensors. For instance, iPhones’ TrueDepth sensor can also be used to form see-through pictures.

If you want to retain full quad-camera functionality or want that photochrom filter in your Oneplus 8 pro then you have to skip this update. Although I suggest you to install that Update as that feature is not of much use.

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